Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining

– Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt seemed to be a very interesting persona. With many wonderful quotes and speeches like the man in the arena, April 1910. This speech I would say is the long version from today’s quote. Complaining about things does not help. We already live in a highly reactive world. Making this world better is not about someone else’s responsibility, it’s everyone’s. So, if you’re not improving it, you’re probably making it worse.

Owning a problem does not mean that you did something wrong, it does not mean that you should fix it. Owning a problem is about acknowledging that there is a problem and working towards a solution. That solution may be outside your reach, nevertheless it’s your responsibility to keep working on fixing it. That may mean working on finding the person who is able to fix it.

So next time when you find a problem, define it and work to fix it.