Like a phoenix, this blog is rising from the ashes. Around 2007-2008, I started meddling around with blogs. Few years later, in 2011, I created my own personal blog where I published regularly technical bits and comments that I wanted to remember or I deemed important to be shared. That first blog was a WordPress hosted on my own server. Over time, I changed hosting providers until I found Scaleway. It was great! I had my own server where among other things I hosted my personal blog. However, quite recently the server died and with it my blog. Sadly, I only had a very old backup so I decided to copy some of my most mythical posts over. However, this time around I decided to try Jekyll hosted in GitHub. I’d argue that it seems more robust. It’s highly unlikely that any repository disappears overnight nor they close operations any time soon. However, if that were the case, I’d still have the static pages which could be uploaded elsewhere. With that being said, I consider inaugurated a new era. Long life the personal blogging!