Worth mentioning III: Acquisition loops, NFTs explained, Orson Welles and friendship, and B2B sales

This is the continuation of the worth mentioning experiment where I shared relevant links to be kept for future references.
Acquisition Loops: The old ways of acquiring new customers -aka funnels- are outdated. Modern brands are adapting their marketing strategy and shifting their tactics to acquisition loops. In this article, there is an explanation accompanied by some examples from relevant brands.
NFTs, explained: Currently cryptocurrencies are in everybody’s mouth. Even newer trends are the Non-Fungible Tokens (NTF) which are a piece of information that certified your ownership over a digital asset. This link explains it in detail on a conversation style addressing most of the typical questions an average person may have.
Orson Welles, art and friends: He is an innovative professional that has interesting takes on art and friendship. This is a 2min video worth paying attention to. He regards his friendships over any of his art in spite of maybe regretting those choices. So, in the end, we’re all people.
Winning Through Intimidation: This is a book summary very concise and clarifying. The concepts are simple but worth knowing to be aware of when you’re being played.
30 B2B sales techniques that work: Most of the sales techniques on internet are B2C. However, in this instance, I found a worthy not-so-basic guide for B2B. It is worth keeping around.

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