We live in a society where we put each other's genitals in our mouth but we don't like the black spots on the bananas

We are full of contradictions. You think you’re smart because you are able to point out the contradictions of the others but you don’t escape them either. Some examples:

  • Work so we have money for our retirement vs. Be with our families and enjoy them now. We need to do both.
  • Democracy vs. People making bad choices. Democracy is not perfect and not good for every society. The problem is what system works better?
  • Enjoy every day vs. Live careful, healthy lives.
  • Speak your mind vs. Let others be. Let’s have free speech, but not be insulting.
  • In the end all of us have contradictions, but those contradictions have a reason. As Aristotle‚Äôs put it Virtue is the happy medium between two extremes. Rarely life is white or black. In many cases we need to compromise, don’t be afraid to find a middle ground for your ideas.

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