Obtener las "chains" separadas de un simple PDB

El otro día peleándome con TM-align para conseguir alineaciones de distintos pdbs que parecieran razonables me di cuenta que dicho programa tiene problemas con las proteínas multi-dominio. La solución que le encontré fue en bajarme los PDBs y luego separar las chains. Aquí os dejo el script.

[code language=”python”]
import re
import os
#Idea: https://www.biostars.org/p/59715/
list_path = ‘list-DLG4_HUMAN.txt’
db_path = ‘/n/scratch2/rr191/databases/pdb2/’
with open(list_path, ‘r’) as f_pdb:
for pdb in f_pdb:
#Getting the info from the pdb to download
structure = pdb.split(‘:’)[0].lower()
chain = pdb.split(‘:’)[1].upper()[0]
#downloading the pdbs
if(not os.path.isfile(db_path+structure+’.pdb’) or True):
_ = os.popen(‘wget -O ‘+db_path+structure+’.pdb https://files.rcsb.org/download/’+structure+’.pdb > /dev/null 2>&1′).read()
with open(db_path+structure+’.pdb’, ‘r’) as f:
with open(db_path+’chains/’+structure+’_’+chain+’.pdb’, ‘w’) as fo:
for line in f:
#selecting the atoms from the desired chain and writing them in a new file
if ‘ATOM’ in line and ‘ ‘+chain+’ ‘ in line:

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