New Year’s Resolutions 2023: Fewer but more intense.

Last year I learned that I can invest a certain amount of time in a specific set of things. Spreading it too thin may take me nowhere. Based on these learnings I’ll try to be more directed and see how it goes.

  • Full ironman (140.6 miles). Last year I did half the distance. For this year I hope to do the full distance. I learned quite a lot about training, physiology, sport, and the event. I even got the equipment. I believe that I’m in a place where I can make it happen, especially because I already built a strong foundation.
  • Finish my main PhD paper. I really hope to submit and get accepted my main paper from my PhD. That should be no more than a few evenings.
  • Visit Uluru (that should be a weekend).
  • Invest a couple of evenings a week in writing blog posts with the goal of becoming a reference in bioinformatics.
  • Do paragliding (that should be a day).

Happy new year! Be ready for the adventure and happy 🙂

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