Fix yourself before you try to fix others

Many want to eliminate suffering… No shit! Who wants to increase the world’s suffering?
I’m against poverty. No kidding, no one is pro-poverty!
If you commit to a greater good don’t do it in public; otherwise, your goal is to demonstrate how virtuous you are to the world.
The journey starts by fixing oneself first. Fix your own life first and be humble. Doing something privately implies that you care about it. Making it private means that’s real to you. Do it when no-one is watching, then is when you’re true to yourself.
Public activists are superficial, trendy. Being public makes it too easy. It externalizes the blame and it is easily self-congratulatory. Evil is not elsewhere, it’s likely that you’re missing the full picture. Often the evil is oneself. You/me are probably not our best versions of what we could and should be.
To really make a dent into the world and influence policies it takes effort. In the first place, one should establish themselves as a credible human being and should be asked to help with policies. Before that, it’s too premature and pretentious. People should be on the public service because of their accomplishments. Otherwise, it’s about creating an avatar big enough. That does not make you fit to lead.
Leaders should know where are they going. Leaders craved themselves out of a personal vision. Reading a couple of books and having an ideological vision is not enough. A detailed analysis is required. To influence policies one should deeply know the topic they plan to influence. First, you should be successful on many different levels, make yourself credible. By doing that you would know how the world works on many different dimensions and then your knowledge will be deep enough to improve policies. There are too many collaterals to change the system with a swallow understanding.
You should be competent first, you cannot change policies and the system by performing a simplistic analysis. Anyone who thinks that can change a complex system may be suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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