2022 resolutions revised: Start of a new life in Australia

I see a lot of red and I’m not linking it. However, that is life and from mistakes one should learn. Here is the review of the goals from last year.

Ironman 70.3: Yes! In 6.5h. It has been lots of training hours which made me bore those sports for some time. However, … you’ll see in the next post.

Defend my PhD: My defense was great. The committee had interesting questions and many people attended in spite off the poor timing (coinciding with the easter holidays).

Finish my PhD papers: I haven’t spent as much time as I wished. However, I did spend a lot of time trying the few last things. Hopefully soon.

Back to dancing: Nope, didn’t even try.

Visit Australia: I consider it good. Visited Melbourne, Brisbane, and Cairns (barrier reef). For Uluru was already summer which makes it not ideal. For the other places, we’ll see but dropped from the list (maybe except Tasmania).

Publish regularly high-quality content: That didn’t happen either. I haven’t been very motivated to publish lately.

Create videos: Didn’t even start.

Start a business: I actually think i made it quite far, but missed energy for the last mile.

No alcohol challenge: That has been quite easy, I almost drank nothing. Few beers in the whole year.

Book reading: Yes and no. I read a lot on weekends (Saturdays especially) but not every day.

Meditation: That didn’t happen.

Self-discipline: Probably the worst year so far.

– Things I would like to learn (at least do a Coursera course). That didn’t happen either. One learns by doing. Took a few genomic courses though.


  • Started learning french. Currently at A2.2 level. It turned out to be a great Saturday activity.
  • Learned Archery. I became not bad at it (especially with proper lighting).
  • I did a bee-keeping course. It was nice to learn and relearn some of the basics.

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