2021 resolutions revised: PhD done, nothing else though

In Denmark, we started 2021 deep in lockdown. Things gradually improved early summer until we got an almost normal life back in December. This year was my last PhD year where I also submited my thesis (still need to defend). After reviewing the goals I can sum it up as lots of red.


  1. Physical exercises: I kept doing regular workouts, specially runs but also bike rides and swims. This year I did my personal best times in semi-official races. I did 5km in 21min (we won the rely), and a half marathon in 1h 47min. Currently all my runs finish in a sub 5min/km avgerage pace. Quite happy about that.
  2. Yoga and stretching: Failed. I tought I would continue going regularly, but in the end I felt lazy every time.
  3. Meditation: I wanted to, but I never really started…
  4. Books: I believe I read a lot, not books. Also, I did not follow the reading rutine I had in mind.
  5. Reduce social media and time-wasting websites: I successfully managed. I’ll try to maintain this level.
  6. Travel: I didn’t and corona didn’t make it easy. However, that is an excuse, potentially I could have visited some european countries without much hassle.


  1. Finish my PhD: Technically I didn’t finish, I’ve only submitted my thesis. But after reading last year’s resolutions that was actually the goal.
  2. Secure my post-PhD position: I did got a job, Sydney (Australia). I can’t complain on this regard, I seems to have everything I desire about it.
  3. Mushrooms: I had everything I faled in the substrate preparation. I never got into preparing it.
  4. Batteries: Nothing on this either. Cool idea, not executed.
  5. Start a company: I had a failed start. Did some things but got demotivated rather fast.
  6. Investments: In the end I will buy stocks which provide me less of a hassle.


  1. Get a 6 pack: I managed! During lockdown it was easier to control my meals and do 30min of abs exercises required. Quite happy about it. Right now I gained some weight but I could probably work it out again much faster.
  2. Declutter: I didn’t really do it, I should work on it more profusely and probably regularly.
  3. Quit alcohol alltogether: I failed at 0% alcohol intake, but it went down substantially from my little consumption. I think I’ll keep this level.
  4. Keep more regular schedules: I managed, again in lockdown it is easier. I also think it made me sleep longer hours.
  5. Publish here monthly: Achieved. I didn’t have the mental energy to do the work while also writing my thesis and papers. Hopefully after submitting I did a short sprint to reach the minimum.
  6. Arguing more often: I don’t think I did. However, I think I payed more attention to the arguments and the way others phrase and discuss ideas.

Overall I think that with the excuse of the PhD I did not achieve much of anything else.

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